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Venu Madhuri has been involved in sustainable development of village Ramanwadi. Our mission is to make a village self sustained in all aspects. We believe in what Mahatma Gandhi said: "Gram Swaraj". Activities of Venu Madhuri had lead many villagers to come back from cities to their native village. Venu Madhuri focuses on maintaining harmonious relationship between Nature and Human. Venu Madhuri is against the theme of Over Exploitation. Some of our activities are Bull Driven Oil Ghani, Traditional Ground Nut Decortication, Generation of Oil Cakes as by product, Irrigation Schemes, Bio Gas generation, etc. We have taken one step towards preserving not only the Village Culture but also making it self sustainable. Another Step is required from your side. You can extend your help by either associating with us OR helping us financially.

Our products

Venu Madhuri's Natural Dhoop Sticks are made from COW DUNG of indigenous cows with pure cow ghee and aromatic medicinal herbs of evergreen forest.

Traditional Indian life is intimately associated with cow dung. Research on cow dung by Dr. L. M. Gosal concluded that cow dung contains all antiseptic properties. Cow ghee, when poured on burning cow dung, produces phenomenal amount of beneficial gases as ethylene & propylene oxides that fight pollution effectively. Cow dung has anti-microbial and mosquito repellent property.

The ancient source of knowledge of incense is in the Atharva and Rig-Vedas. Venu Madhuri dhoop brings to you the ancient, traditional wisdom of dhoop making with the benefits of cow dung and ghee. Being made from all natural ingredients, the dhoop is totally chemical and charcoal free. Thus the dhoop is termed natural, mildly fragrant, antiseptic, air purifying and auspicious.

Also the dhoop is best substitute for using agarbatti that contains bamboo sticks. Bamboo is never burned as per Indian tradition; the scientific reason is bamboo contains lead and other heavy metals, by burning it transforms into lead oxide and lead oxide is neurotoxic.

One pack of Natural Dhoop Sticks contains 20 sticks.

Honey is collected by our trained villagers from wild bees in forest. Collected in most eco-friendly and ahimsic (non-violent) way from the forest of Sahyadri It is filtered traditionally and free from preservative, antibiotics and added sugar.

Honey available in 250gm, 600gm and 1kg packing

As per Ayurveda, cow dung dried and burned into ashes is very antiseptic tooth powder. Venu Madhuri’s Natural Tooth Powder is made from cow dung of forest grazing indigenous cows from Sahyadri ranges. The tooth powder also contains pure camphor, clove, alum and triphala powder.

The effects of using tooth powder are it keeps mouth fresh, protect teeth and gums, gives protection from several kinds of mouth diseases.

Natural Tooth Powder is available in 50 gm. packing

Venu-Madhuri’s Natural Shampoo is all purpose anti dandruff shampoo. It has a foaming agent with cow dung and urine extract combined with fourteen herbs.

Natural Shampoo is available in 125ml bottle pack

As per Dr. Narendra kumar Sharma (B.A.M.S) listed following are the root cause reasons for disease and how cow urine (Gomutra ark) is remedy in brief.

  • 1] Imbalance of three elements Kapha, Vat, Pitta causes disease Cow urine balances three elements.
  • 2] All diseases begin with mandagni (weak fire of digestion) Cow urine keeps the fire strong.
  • 3] Irregular bowel movements causes disease Cow urine regulates bowel movements.
  • 4] Weakening of immunity causes disease Cow urine is elixir; cow urine gives life and is elixir. Cow urine contains copper and gold salts, which are elixirs as gold can counter all kinds of poisons.

Ark is excellent to reduce the cholesterol in the blood & to decrease the excess weight

Gomutra Ark is available in 200 ml and 1 liter packing