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Venu-Madhuri Trust Invited for presentation at G20s engagement group

The theme of two days conference was Acharanam Indic Wisdom for Sustainable Lifestyle, hosted by Indus University in collaboration with LiFE (Lifestyle For Environment).

Topic for my presentation was Rural Reconstruction - The Indic Way, under the session titled Lok parampara, Agriculture and Self-Reliant Villages.

Recommendations were requested in our area of expertise, for the formulation of public policy. We have submitted 9 recommendations based on our 23 years of rural reconstruction work.

It was great learning and sharing experience, with the 19 other eminent speakers from all over India on the following five themes –

  • Shastric foundation of ecological consciousness
  • Lok-parampara, health and ecology
  • Economic sutras and sustainable lifestyle
  • Science, sustainability and Indic wisdom
  • Lok-parampara, agriculture and self-reliant villages

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