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Venu-Madhuri Trust Invited for presentation at G20s engagement group

Rural Reconstruction - The Indic Way, under the session titled “Lok parampara, Agriculture and Self-Reliant Villages."


Seminar On Blending The Modern With Traditions

Seminar by Rahul Deshpande on Blending the Modern with Traditions


Venu-Madhuri Presented As Case Study At I.I.M-Ahmedabad

Sri Rahul Deshpande of Venu-Madhuri was invited at IIM-A as a guest lecturer


Venu-Madhuri Presented At NEXUS, Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) Mumbai.

The theme for nexus-2016 was water.


Venu-Madhuri At India International Science Festival (I.I.S.F) -2016 At Delhi

Venu-Madhuri presentation was invited at IISF by Dr. Vijay P Bhatkar.


Venu-Madhuri Invited For SVAROP - At I.I.T - Delhi

SVAROP stands for Scientific Validation and Research on Panchgavya.


Venu-Madhuri Presented At National Institute Of Rural Development (NIRD)

NIRD at Hyderabad is institution of GOI for training into rural development.


Venu-Madhuri Invited As Resource Person By Sakal Agro-1 At Pune Go-Vigyan Parishad Pune, Aurangabad & Satara

In 2015, Venu-Madhuri was called by many as resource person for presenting its work of rural development


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