Sri Ashok Nanu Patil

Venu Madhuri’s Life Transformation Stories

Ashok stays with his parents and brothers at Ramanwadi. This joint family of 3 married brothers with parents and children had no agriculture land of their own. This family use to do monsoon agriculture on hired land giving 50% of the produce to the owner. Because of no water for irrigation agriculture was only done during 4 months of monsoon. Rest of the year all the family members use to go for daily wages to downhill village Fejiwade located 3 km from Ramanwadi.

The situation forced Ashok and his brothers to work at Ichalkaranji. Ashok worked at Ichalkaranji for 5 years. In 2006 he contributed ten percent of amount in cash for the irrigation project and he and his family contributed voluntary labor and worked hard for the project (In all the projects that Venu Madhuri implement we always have individual contribution share decided by the village development committee, plus everyone has to contribute free labor).

After the success of irrigation project, Ashok worked hard on the rented land and did a good saving with which he purchased 21 guntas (little more than half acre) of land. Today Ashok is happy staying with his family and parents doing agriculture at Ramanwadi. Today his fields are lush green with sugar cane, sunflower, rice and ground nut that he grows.

Ashok is also benefitted by Gobar gas project. Ashok’s wife and mother had several complains related to respiration*. This is very common in rural areas. This results due to wood smoke used for cooking in wood stove (chula). Since 2008 the family members feel relief from the respiratory problems as Gobargas generated gas is used as fuel. The family saves lot of hard work, otherwise required for collection of fuel wood.

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