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24 Box of Natural Dhoop Sticks
24 Box of Natural Dhoop Sticks (20 sticks/Box)

Customer demanded pack Free 1 Wooden Dhoop Holder worth 200 Rs with each order

Venu Madhuri's Natural Dhoop Sticks are made from GOMAYA (Cow dung) of indigenous A2 cows and aromatic medicinal herbs of evergreen forest.

Traditional Indian life is intimately associated with Gomaya. Research on cow dung by Dr. L. M. Gosal concluded that cow dung contains all antiseptic properties. Cow dung has anti-microbial property.

The ancient source of knowledge of incense is in the Atharva and Rig-Vedas. Venu Madhuri dhoop brings to you the ancient, traditional wisdom of dhoop making with the benefits of cow dung and ghee. Being made from all natural ingredients, the dhoop is totally chemical and charcoal free. Thus the dhoop is termed natural, mildly fragrant, antiseptic, air purifying and auspicious.

Also the dhoop is best substitute for using agarbatti that contains bamboo sticks. Bamboo is never burned as per Indian tradition; the scientific reason is bamboo contains lead and other heavy metals, by burning it transforms into lead oxide and lead oxide is neurotoxic.

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