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Medohar Ark has been traditionally used as an anti-obesity agent that decreases excessive fat from the body and is useful in sweat with foul smell and blood impurities.

Ayurveda recommend fighting obesity naturally without side effects. In Ayurveda, cow urine is recognized as water of life or “Amrita” (Elixir). Cow urine possesses a very high medicinal value and is used singly or in combination with some other herbs against various diseases including obesity.

The flower of the plant Crocus sattivus L., commonly known as Saffron has various potential beneficial properties like memory enhancer, cardio protective, antinociceptive and anti-obesity. The health promoting properties of saffron are attributed primarily due to crocin, a unique carotenoid with potential antioxidant capacity, which is responsible for distinctive bright yellow color of the stigma.

Based on Rastantrasar Medohar Ark is the unique combination of Distilled Cow Urine and stigma of Saffron, for its potent anti-obesity activity.

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